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Social Responsibility
Improving Lives through Forestry 

Stimulate the Forest Economy 

The One Sky OSB facility in Prince Albert will transform the struggling Saskatchewan forest industry from the cyclical nature of pulpwood to the growth of the engineered wood products market.  Export markets to the US and parts of Asia will provide long-term business opportunities that coincide with long-term employment and economic growth for forest-based communities in Saskatchewan.


Re-engage other Forest-Based Businesses 

Investing in a product that utilizes small logs and surplus hardwood allows One Sky Forest Products to address a fibre imbalance in Saskatchewan and help re-engage sawmill operators who experienced high levels of waste. Using an efficient wood process means full trees are harvested and the right log is sent to the right mill. By filling this void, One Sky and its partners are able to provide employment opportunities and transform the forest industry in Saskatchewan.


Bring Jobs to Small Towns 

Forestry related employment is particularly important to many rural and Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan and other parts of Canada, where forest-related work is often the main source of income. We aim to produce 150 employees per 1 million cubic meters of harvested forest. An additional 300 people are expected to provide logging, forest management and other services to our business. Our mission is to bring well-paying jobs to these rural areas to help sustain populations and bring prosperity to the local economy. 

One Sky Forest Products

P.O. Box 3059

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Canada  S6V 7M4

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