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Oriented Strand Board
Why OSB is the Choice for
80-85% of Residential Construction 

OSB is made from thin strands of wood, bonded together in cross-oriented layers and compressed to create strong, stable panels that resist warping, racking, shape distortions in demanding winds and seismic conditions. OSB panels typically exceed the strength and performance of plywood plus are light in weight and easy to handle and install. Currently, OSB panels are dominating plywood in market shares. 


Our OSB products will contribute to Saskatchewan Forest’s climate solution by producing green-building materials that store carbon, have a lower environmental footprint than other materials and are sustainable and renewable.

Sustainability, Innovation, and Profitability Built into Every Step 

One Sky Forest Products is a consolidation of professionals in forestry, plant design and construction and wood product marketing who have come together to build an OSB facility that meets the demand of residential construction in North America. Our fibre is harvested from forests in Northern Saskatchewan and will be certified to the SFI fiber sourcing standard.


We will begin fabrication of OSB at our Prince Albert facility with a production volume of 600 MMsf/yr of traditional performance rated sheathing. In year 2, we will expand into multi-sized radiant barrier sheathing, and tongue and groove sub-flooring. Our capital and fibre costs, as well as our proximity to major markets, allow us to offer competitive prices and be profitable through all market cycles.






  • An abundance of low-cost wood fibre for today's production and tomorrow's expansion.
  • We offer the missing element in the central SK forest industry. The right log goes to the right mill.
  • Pre-existing plan modified with the latest smart technology to move from commodity OSB to higher value products.
  • ​Access to export markets.
  • Access to utilities.
  • Low cost rail.
  • Low impact on environment.
  • Use of renewable biomass fuel for process heat.
  • Use of electrostatic filter technology to reduce particulate air emissions.
  • Timber supply from sustainably managed forests.
  • Perpetual renewal with green building material for carbon absorption and storage.
  • Executive team and advisors collectively represent over 250 years of experience in forestry management, production design to finance and sales and marketing.
  • Equity partnership with First Nations brings stewardship for natural resources and forestry management expertise.
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One Sky Forest Products

P.O. Box 3059

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Canada  S6V 7M4

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