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Building the Future Together 

"Let's move to a different model."

David Lametti, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada 

At One Sky Forest Products, meaningful relationships with First Nations communities are fundamental to our success and necessary for us to achieve our vision of providing economic and social opportunities for the people of Saskatchewan. We understand improving First Nation economic development is valuable, not only for First Nations, but for all Canadian businesses and for the national economy. 


As equity investors, our partnering First Nations communities can grow their self-sufficiency and economic sustainability in ways that align with their own values while being profitable. The traditional knowledge and understanding of the land are significant assets that our First Nations partners bring to One Sky Forest Products that will stabilize the forest industry and be compatible with sustainable forest management in traditional territories.


We are proud to partner with Montreal Lake Business Ventures (MLBV), Tatanka Oyate Holdings (formerly known as Wahpeton Development Corporation) (TOH) and Meadow Lake Tribal Council (MLTC). These organizations are committed to high standards of governance, forest-based economic development, wealth creation, employment generation, and self sufficiency for present and future generations. All three have inclusive representation (ownership and employment) of significance in northern Saskatchewan Indigenous communities. Other First Nations groups are currently in discussion with OSFP for potential equity participation and fibre supply.

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montreal lake business ventures (MLBV)

MLBV invests and manages business ventures that provide cash dividends and employment opportunities for the Montreal Lake Cree Nation. The MLBV investment portfolio includes Kaskew Forestry Products, an organization that manages and operates wood allocation in the Montreal Lake traditional territory in Northern Saskatchewan.  Operating within the Prince Albert Forest Management Agreement (PAFMA), Kaskew harvests and supplies wood fibre to mills in Saskatchewan. Their annual wood fibre allocation is 200,000 m3 of softwood and 40,000 m3 of hardwood. 

The mission of Kaskew is to create wealth, employment, and self sufficiency for the Montreal Lake Cree Nation through forest-based economic development. Kaskew is committed to the use of forest resources on their traditional ancestral territory in a way that is environmentally sustainable, accountable and transparent to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. These are values shared with One Sky Forest Products.

First Nation partnerships advance our vision to provide economic and social opportunities for the people of Saskatchewan in a way that protects the land and their traditional values.
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Tatanka Oyate Holdings (TOH)

TOH promotes socio-economic growth and development to create enhanced business and employment opportunities for the members of the Wahpeton Dakota Nation. Through various business ventures, the mission of TOH is to improve the quality of life for the community by providing access to education, health and justice services.

The Wahpeton Dakota Nation are a proud nation who believe it is important to share their traditions and sacred beliefs with future generations. They recently signed an agreement to work with San Diego-based To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science (TTSA) to develop a six-part docuseries focusing on their culture, history, traditions, spirituality, and the development of a video library. One Sky Forest Products would like to acknowledge that we are fortunate to be able to operate our plant on the ancestral land of the Wahpeton Dakota Nation.  

Today, we have three First Nations partners, and we are working closely with other indigenous groups to include them in this project.
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MLTC Resource Development Inc. (MLTC RDI)

The Meadow Lake Tribal Council (MLTC) is comprised of nine First Nations members. The Tribal Council established MLTC RDI to focus on increasing their ability to meaningfully participate in Saskatchewan’s economy. These nine Saskatchewan First Nations have chosen to work together for over 40 years to build opportunity and prosperity.

MLTC and the Big River First Nation have partnered together to form a group of 10 First Nations to invest and become shareholders in One Sky Forest Products.

The primary goal of MLTC RDI is the creation of economic opportunity, financial return and employment for their members.  To attain this goal, MLTC RDI participates in a combination of business partnerships from logging and lumber production to delivering renewable energy solutions. MLTC is committed to developing ways to capture full value from the opportunities that partnerships, the people, the land and forestry resources provide. MLTC works to ensure that the traditional values of our people are reflected in our business opportunities. And that the lands and water remain intact so that future generations can experience the traditional Indigenous lifestyle valued since time immemorial.

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