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Environmental, Social and
Governance (ESG)

At One Sky Forest Products caring about environmental, social and governance issues (ESG) is the foundation of our very existence.  Our core values reflect those of a company started by foresters, First Nations and business champions who are committed to economic and social opportunities through environmental stewardship. These values shape the spirit of our company's culture, guide the way we operate and help us achieve our core mission.


Our current set of priorities are:



  • Sustainable forest management practices guide our business operations and help to protect biodiversity, conserve the biosphere and mitigate climate change.

  • Reducing particulate emissions is important to us so we use electrostatic filter technology and renewable biomass fuel for process heat.

  • ​Resources on First Nation traditional territory are used in a way that is environmentally sustainable to meet the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.



  • Meaningful relationships with First Nations are necessary for us to achieve our vision of providing economic and social opportunities for the people of Saskatchewan.

  • ​The integrity of our organization is built on a respect for all, diversity in the workplace and empowering others.

  • Our team operates from the values of:

    • Integrity: doing the right thing at all times;

    • Honesty: being authentic with customers and partners; and

    • Balance: between safety, progress and profitability.



  • Our company supports First Nation economic development and investment in business partnerships as part of Reconciliation in Canada.

  • Our First Nations partners maintain control of the local forest economy and conduct business in a way that protects their traditional values.

  • Our diverse, joint-venture partnerships create a corporate culture that is values accountability, transparency and ethical decision making from organization leaders, employees, and stakeholders.

If you are interested in exploring the exciting growth opportunities of OSB and engineered wood products, please contact us


One Sky Forest Products

P.O. Box 3059

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Canada  S6V 7M4

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