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OSB Made in Saskatchewan

Oriented Strand Board (OSB)
Underutilized Fibre. Top Quartile Performance. Competitive Price. 


One Sky Forest Products will be offering best-in-class OSB products. Located near the dense and productive forests of Prince Albert Saskatchewan, our goal is to meet global market demands through strategic partnerships, competitive pricing and the optimization of forest lands.

We are committed to:

  • Building a strong Saskatchewan economy through sustainable forest development.  

  • Partnering with First Nations to strengthen social and economic development

  • Providing the under-supplied North American residential construction market with quality OSB.  

  • Designing and operating a world-class OSB facility with a manufacturing process that has a relatively low carbon footprint.

  • Getting the right log to the right mill opens partnerships with existing forest-based companies and creates “win-win” scenarios.

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Investing in
Economic Growth

The North American residential construction industry is forecasting a decade of growth. OSB is the preferred wall, roof and sub-floor sheathing material. One Sky’s production facility will enter the market producing performance rated OSB sheathing. Over time, we will expand into value-added and complementary OSB products. We will create over 700 jobs in Northern Saskatchewan helping to build strong economies, strong communities, and ultimately strong families.



iStock-493251552 meaningful partnerships

Investing in Meaningful Partnerships

As equity partners, our First Nations colleagues play a key role in the operations of One Sky Forest Products.  They will supply over 50% of our needed timber, guide us with their sustainable forest management expertise, and provide a skilled workforce. 



Investing in Sustainable
Forest Practices

One Sky Forest Products is committed to the use of forest resources in First Nation traditional territory in a way that is environmentally sustainable. We will be SFI Certified and strive to practice sustainable forestry to meet current needs without compromising future generations. Our catchphrase “right log to the right mill” represents our desire to harvest the whole tree. The value recovery of our small-diameter logs is 90%.   


“Building an OSB mill is One Sky Forest Products' commitment to Saskatchewan, its communities and its forestry industry.”

Herbert Urton, Co-founder, One Sky Group of Companies


One Sky Forest Products

P.O. Box 3059

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Canada  S6V 7M4

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